My FAV Links


There is a wealth of information on both Gluten-Free products, coupons and recipes, as well as,
Type 1 Diabetes information, recipes and up-to-date research.  All in one place 🙂  This page will be updated frequently, so please keep checking back.



This is super cool and will help you save a ton of money by trying new products in small quantities before committing to the big-ticket price or before buying in bulk!  Receive GLUTEN-FREE CARE PACKAGES with up to 25 different items in them for a fraction of the price!  These are two great websites.  One ships 3 times a year, while the other ships once a month.

  • TasteGuru:  Ships once a month and contains approximately 6 items in each box.  Starts at $25 a month plus shipping.  Look for coupons that give you the first, or even the first two, months free plus the cost of shipping!
My first shipment!

My first shipment!

  • GFreeConnect:  Ships 3X’s a year and includes approximately 25 or more gluten free items to sample, plus valuable coupons – some for free!  Cost is $29.99 plus shipping.  First time buyers are usually offered a discount!

Gluten Free COUPONS…they do exist!  Click here.

One of my favorite sites that has both countless resources, tips and recipes is Nicole Hunn’s GlutenFreeOnAShoestring


A comparison of Gluten-Free PASTAS and their nutritional info breakdown my a registered dietician.  Makes trying a new brand a little less daunting!  Click here.

Looking for a handy SHOPPING LIST of everyday items that are safe for Gluten-Free diets?  Click here.

RESEARCH & ARTICLES is a website that will answer almost any question you may have about Gluten, what it is, where it is and how to make the switch more smoothly.  They dissect a lot of up-to-date research, help with your Gluten-Free shopping list and have a handy tool to show you how to make what you already love to eat, you guessed it…Gluten-Free!


Diabetic Connect is an amazing site with endless information on research updates, discussions, and for me, most importantly, great recipes to please every palate.  Sign up for their newsletter and get weekly updates on all or some of the above!


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