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Dragon’s Loyalty Reward–Thanks!

Wow!  Thanks jcooksglutenfree  so much for the nomination!  I, too, am new to the blog scene and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, along with many others that share the same passion…and even some that don’t!

Eating Gluten-Free can be daunting and totally overwhelming at first, but this blog gives me the opportunity to share how much I have learned and hopefully make it that much easier for someone else out there.  Not to mention, my daughter’s will have a great resource (when they start cooking for themselves…which is still a long ways off!) of all the delicious dishes they enjoyed and even helped to make, while they were growing up.

The reason this blog came to be!  My beautiful Elena who is Type 1 Diabetic & has Celiac.

The reason this blog came to be! My beautiful Elena who is Type 1 Diabetic & has Celiac.

So, here are the rules:

  • Display the award certificate:
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself(selves):
  1. I LOVE coffee!  My most coveted possession is a Illy Espresso machine I got at a thrift store for $5!!  Better latte than a certain establishment…starts with a S, ends with a “bucks”
  2. I can’t whistle.  For that matter, I can’t wink either.  Go figure!
  3. I didn’t even really enjoy cooking until about 2 years ago…now it’s all I think about!!
  4. I have a wicked sweet tooth and would eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could.
  5. I completely renovated the kitchen of our first house.  Built a bar and all 😉
  6. I am a master at finding a bargain.  My friends use to joke that I could make a living off of it.
  7. I am incredibly spontaneous and impulsive.  When I was 21 I convinced a friend to pack up our cars in Pennsylvania and move to California, sight unseen…for some sunshine.  I met my husband in San Diego and the rest is history…
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Thank you all for your inspiring words, witty posts and delicious recipes!!





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