I HATE Gluten…but I LOVE my daughter!


Taken today…on Halloween 10/31/13

It dawned on me after taking this picture that I had one very similar, same tiara, same smile…One that didn’t stir up “good feelings” but instead leaves a lump in my throat. I try to thank God everyday, sometimes more than once a day if I’m good , for all the blessings I have. Seeing these two pictures of my beautiful princess taken just 8 months apart, swells my heart with gratitude!


Elena the morning after her stay in the I.C.U., post diagnosis. 2/20/13

Children (mine especially) never cease to amaze me! You would never guess looking at that swollen smile due to all the liquids they pumped into her, that she had just been through a war!  A scary, horrific battle that she, we, won. Now 8 months later, after getting her diabetes under control and being Gluten-free, she’s gained 10 lbs and is thriving!!    So I say again, because I can and because I feel like it…I HATE you Gluten, and come to think of it…I Really HATE you Type1 Diabetes but I LOVE my daughter and we will prevail!  Halloween candy and all!  


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One response to “I HATE Gluten…but I LOVE my daughter!”

  1. maheavener@yahoo.com says :

    Beautiful story and beautiful child. It’s hard to see that God does have a plan even in the midst of some really awful experiences.

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